Inspirational Stories

Everyone has a story about cancer and cancer screenings. Watch these videos to hear what people in our community are saying about the value of screenings, how their families have been affected, and how they’re overcoming personal barriers to take a stand against cancer. Their from-the-heart messages will hopefully encourage you to get screened, too.

Gabriela’s Story

She lost her mother to cancer, and that was only the beginning. Now, she shares an important message about screening for those with—or without—a history of cancer.

Willie’s Story

His family has inspired and motivated him, including to get his colorectal cancer screening. As a result, he sets a great example for all of us for “what you can do.”

Mia’s Story

Is it possible to have a positive attitude about breast cancer screenings? For Mia and her extended family, the answer is yes. Their story might motivate you, too.

Elvis’ Story

It wasn’t something his family talked about—until his father needed to get screened. Now, he knows that getting screened is important so that he can be there for his family.

Carletta’s Story

Her father taught her well: One test can tell a story—and it can save your life. Today she shares that lesson with others, helping them remove barriers and overcome fears.

Patrick’s Story

“Don’t let fear stop you”—that’s Patrick’s message to anyone thinking about cancer screenings. He knows firsthand why it’s so important to take action to protect your health.